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Long Term Care

Partnering with Long Term Care Providers

Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies partners with many of the local assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities in the area to ensure that their residents receive the supplies and home medical equipment they need in a prompt and courteous manner.

Hudson Pharmacy is committed to providing the finest service to consumers in a group home setting. Twenty years of experience and our caring professionals allow us to achieve our high standard of quality.

Our Services

  • Hudson pharmacy offers multiple deliveries during the day.
  • Our Pharmacists collaborates with physicians to resolve any existing problems.
  • Monthly visits by the Chief Pharmacist to facilities.
  • Hudson Pharmacy provides Medication Carts, Fax Machine to each Nursing office, Emergency Boxes, Forms to daily document care and treatment and more.

Connecting with Customers through WebConnect

Hudson Pharmacy uses WebConnect to allow long-term care authorized facility employees to access, search, edit and print medication info quickly and easily. WebConnect offers easy access to online tutorials and training materials 24/7.

WebConnect provides assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities access to pharmacy data and the ability to add, update and view patient information, including allergies, medical conditions, ancillary orders, and medication profiles. Assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities will be able to send updates to the pharmacy, reorder refills electronically. The customer’s refills are sent directly to the pharmacy system queue, eliminating fax requests and saving valuable time for nursing staff.

If you work for an assisted living or long-term care facility and need a reliable home medical and prescription medication provider, contact Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies today.

Hudson Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies Inc. BBB Business Review