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What is Telemedicine?


Seeing medical attention can be stressful. Going to an urgent care to wait for hours just to see medical personnel. Many Patients would rather avoid the long lines and wish for an easy solution.


Physician 360 telemedicine consultations such as UTI, and ear infections are the only products on the market that combine telemedicine consults with point-of-care testing.* Telemedicine subscription services for Birth Control and Erectile Dysfunction are also available. This allows patients to receive a diagnosis and prescription without leaving the pharmacy. Physician 360 uses its own network of state-specific licensed providers which allows pharmacies to offer patients access to treatment without having to establish a collaborative practice agreement.


Access to doctors on your schedule

  • Access to U.S.-licensed doctors
  • Connect by phone, web, or app from anywhere
  • Get medical treatment for non-emergency conditions